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We have been in this industry for 20 years we decided to open this location to bring savory items to satisfy different tastes and needs. Whether you’re browsing for a quick bite or planning a big night, Divine Pizza Donair offers its customers a full menu to choose from including two types of pizza crusts, Donair’s, garlic fingers, chicken wings, salads, fried chicken, Mediterranean food, and a whole lot more.

Divine Pizza Donair depends on the high quality of products used super Duper food for reasonable prices and that’s what keeps our guests coming back again and again

Divine Pizza Donair

3 Regular Donairs And 2L Pop.

CAD 34.95


Any Two Medium Pizza

CAD 28.55


Two Large Pizza, 2 Toppings And 2LT Pop.

CAD 31.85


Any X Large Pizza with a Med Garlic Fingers.

CAD 34.95


Two Platters And 2 Cans of Pop.

CAD 23.85

Made with an Angelic Touch
Specialty Pizza

Divine Pizza Donair

We Do Catering!

Whether it’s a friends and family gathering or a corporate meeting or special event, we are here to make all your memorable moments deliciously divine! Our catering packages are perfect for any occasion and include a variety of favourites from our menu.